Board Briefs

The City of Fairfax School Board holds Regular School Board meetings on the first Monday of the month at City Hall, 10455 Armstrong Street. The meetings begin at 7:30 and are televised on local channel 12. To see a schedule, agendas and minutes, please go to our meetings page. In addition, the School Board holds monthly work sessions on the third Monday, usually at Fairfax High School.  

Board Briefs is designed to highlight important aspects to our school board meetings and connect the School Board work with their annual goals and strategic plan. The objective is listed in parenthesis after the item.

To see a video of our Regular School Board meetings, please go to the City of Fairfax website.

2021-2022 Board Briefs

Monday, September 20, 2021 - Work Session

1. FCPS Return to School Update: Fairfax County Public Schools Region 5 leadership Rebecca Baenig, Eric McCann and Terri Edmunds-Heard presented to the school board updates for the first month of school. Topics included enrollment, staffing, facilities and ESSER funds spending for the four schools. (Objective 1, 2, 3, - SSA, Budget, Facilities).

2. Communications Update: City of Fairfax communications manager Carrie Dorsey presented the 2021-2022 SY communications plan. (Objective 6., Communications)

3. Capital Improvement Plan: Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Pajardo and Assistant to the Superintendent Diego Wilson presented the inital draft of the FY 2023-2027 Capital Improvement Plan. (Objective 3, Facilities)

4. Meeting Agendas: Dr. Phyllis Pajardo presented the school board with topics for the fall retreat on October 23 and agenda items for the year's regular school board and work session meetings. 

Monday, September 13, 2021 - Regular School Board Meeting - Please note, this meeting was not televised.

1. FCPS Tuition and ESSER Funding Update - Fairfax County Public Schools presented to the school board an update for the upcoming tutition payment and plans for the ESSER funding. (Objective 1., SSA)

2. Facilities Update - Diego Wilson, Assistant to the Superintendent answered questions from the board about facility upgrades and projects. (Objective 3., Facilities)

3. Return to School Update - Dr. Phyllis Pajardo, Superintendent - Dr. Pajardo presented an update to the board about the first few weeks of school. (Objective 4., Instruction)

4. Capital and Administrative Report - Dr. Pajardo, Superintendent - Dr. Pajardo answered questions about the Capital and Administrative Accounts. 


Thursday, July 8, 2021 - Special School Board Meeting

1. The City of Fairfax School Board held its annual organizational meeting. (Objective 7, School Board Organizational)

The Board established the following assignments:

– Annual School Board Organization    
-  Elect Carolyn Pitches Chairman for FY 2021/2022    
-  Elect Dr. Mitch Sutterfield Vice Chairman for FY 2021/2022    
-  Establish Meeting Dates    
-  Set the Salary of School Board Members    
-  Appoint Susan Wiczalkowski, Clerk of the School Board    
-  Retain John Cafferky, to provide general legal services
-  Establish Rotation for Fairfax County School Board Meetings
-  Appoint Jon Buttram and Alternate, Carolyn Pitches, School Board Members to PRAB       
-  Appoint Delegate, Mitch Sutterfield and Alternate, Toby Sorensen to VSBA Convention    
-  Appoint Bob Reinsel and Toby Sorensen as Legislative Liaisons    
-  Appoint Carolyn Pitches and Toby Sorensen, Representatives to the Washington Area Boards of Education
-  Appoint Brenda Silvia Torma as City of Fairfax Schools Health Advisory Committee Member
-  Appoint Kate Hermann as City of Fairfax Schools FPAC member
-  Appoint Darcy Acquavella as City of Fairfax Schools ACSD member
-  Appoint Amy Chase as City of Fairfax Schools AAPAC member 
-  Appoint Mitch Sutterfield, as representative to the Environmental Sustainability Committee    
-  Authorize Chairman & Clerk to sign legal documents
-  Authorize Superintendent to sign and execute official documents