Board Briefs

The City of Fairfax School Board holds Regular School Board meetings on the first Monday of the month at City Hall, 10455 Armstrong Street. The meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. and are televised on local channel 12. To see a schedule, agendas and minutes, please go to our meetings page. In addition, the School Board holds monthly work sessions on the third Monday, usually at Fairfax High School.  The work sessions are not televised but are recorded.

To see a video of our Regular School Board meetings or listen to a recording of a work session, please go to the City of Fairfax website.

To see a presentation listed below, please go to the City of Fairfax website, click on the meeting date and agenda. Presentations will be embedded in the agendas.

July 1, 2024 Regular School Board Meeting
The July 2024 School Board Meeting is an organizational meeting, establishing roles and responsibilities for the school board. The board elected Carolyn Pitches as chair and Amit Hickman as Vice Chair. In addition, the board named city residents to represent the City of Fairfax to various committees for Fairfax County Public Schools. The positions named in the meetings are:
Appoint Rachel McQuillen and Alternate, Sarah Kelsey, School Board Members to PRAB 
Appoint Delegate, Amit Hickman and Alternate, Stacy Hall to VSBA Convention
Appoint Sarah Kelsey and Rachel McQuillen as Legislative Liaisons
Appoint Carolyn Pitches and Sarah Kelsey, Representatives to the Washington Area Boards of Education
Appoint Brenda Silvia Torma as City of Fairfax Schools Health Advisory Committee Member
Appoint Kate Hermann as City of Fairfax Schools FPAC member
Appoint Mary Kay Ciziunas as City of Fairfax Schools ACSD member
Appoint Leslie Plummer as City of Fairfax Schools AAPAC member 
Appoint Juliana Nelson as City of Fairfax Schools MOASC member
Appoint Stacy Hall, as representative to the Environmental Sustainability Committee