City of Fairfax Superintendent Jeff Platenberg Presents School Opening Report

“It is quite an honor to be leading this great system,” said Jeff Platenberg, City of Fairfax Superintendent, as he presented to the School Board with his school opening report.

Mr. Platenberg attended all school open houses and summer programs and met with the four principals before the schools opened and commented on the hard work of the school staff and the excitement of the students and families. Platenberg praised the four principals for their leadership. “Our team leaders at each level are simply amazing, going above and beyond. They are seasoned principals that lead with thought and are all great individuals.”

Also highlighted were the School Resource Officers at Katherine Johnson Middle School and Fairfax High School. “We are grateful they are so talented and committed to our students,” said Platenberg.

Three schools, Daniels Run ES, Katherine Johnson MS, and Fairfax HS saw mild increases in student population as the schools started the new year, although all are well within school capacity. Providence ES saw a slight decrease in total student population.


SY 2021-2022

SY 2022-2023

Program Capacity

Daniels Run ES




Providence ES




Katherine Johnson MS




Fairfax HS





Mr. Platenberg praised the City School Board and thanked them for their leadership and vision. School Board Chairman Carolyn Pitches agreed with Platenberg that this school year was “one of the smoothest school openings we have had in years” and thanked the principals for their hard work.

The City of Fairfax School Board will meet on Monday, September 17, 2022, for a work session. For more information about the work session topics and to see the school board meeting schedule, please see our website.