Celebrating Military Families

As we celebrate the Month of the Military Family, we asked one of our own students at Fairfax HS about what is like growing up with parents in the military. Jasara Goldsborough is a senior at Fairfax HS. Next year, she will attend Columbia College Chicago to major in Arts Management.
Q: Tell us your military connection
A: Both my parents were in the military at some point. My mother just recently retired from the Air Force.
Q: When did you come to Fairfax HS?
A: I came to FHS the second semester of my freshman year in 2019.
Q: You have lived in both the US and Europe– what have been the challenges and benefits to attending many elementary/primary schools?     
A: I have lived in Europe and the US, but have visited many places. The benefits and challenges I’ve had in attending so many elementary schools was making new friends and eventually having to leave them.
Q: What do people not know or understand about children with military parents?
A: People may not know or understand the constant having to leave friends at a moment’s notice that many military kids have to go through. Or the long distance relationships you have to make with family and friends, that often fall apart or leave you estranged from them due to never being able to see them whenever.
Q: Anything else you want me to include that you want people to know?
A: As military kids we’re very adaptable. There’s constant change in our life and we have to learn to accept that change.