Fairfax High School Principal Search Annoucement

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) sent the following letter to the Fairfax High School community. 

Dear Parents, Staff, and Members of the Fairfax High School Community:

Fairfax County Public schools is initiating a search for the new principal of Fairfax High School.  In addition to advertising the vacancy for candidates currently in the FCPS Principal Pool, we will also be conducting a national search.  The position will be advertised nationally and sent to many groups for distribution to their membership.  The job will be posted internally and externally on October 12 and remain open until November 15. 

 As we begin the principal selection process, a critical step is meeting with students, parents, and staff in the Fairfax High School community to provide an overview of the process. Therefore, all staff and parents are invited to attend a virtual informational meeting on Monday, November 8.  We will be offering this session in English and Spanish as we want to maximize engagement of the Fairfax community in this very important endeavor. 




Link to Join the Meeting

November 8 at 5:30PM



Meeting ID: 951 5602 9001     Password: 585574


November 8 at 6:30PM



Meeting ID: 959 6860 0137     Password: 323255


The Fairfax Principal Advisory panel will be held virtually on Tuesday, December 7.  If you are interested in serving as a panelist, please complete this form by November 15. Staff and community members selected to be a panelist or alternate for this panel will be contacted by the Human Resources department overseeing this process.

Another critical component to the process is your written input. We invite you to offer your individual, written input (preferably via email) regarding the skills, experience, and leadership characteristics needed for Fairfax High School. You might also address any challenges or issues that a new principal will need to address. Input is confidential and will not be discussed at the meeting. We welcome your input now, upon receipt of this letter, and are hopeful that many of you will share your thoughts. Below you will see suggestions for input and how you would submit it to the Department of Human Resources before November 15

I look forward to working closely with Fairfax staff, students, parents, and community members as well as Dr. Phyllis Pajardo, City of Fairfax Superintendent, during the principal selection process.


Ms. Rebecca Baenig

Assistant Superintendent, Region 5





Fairfax County Public Schools mission is to provide creative, knowledgeable, and talented leadership to ensure student success.  To determine the best match for the leadership needs at your school, parent and staff perspectives will be used to screen candidate resumes and develop interview questions.  Please provide input detailing the skills, experiences, and leadership characteristics needed at your school.  Include challenges and issues that the new principal will need to address.  Principal professional skills include instructional leadership, school climate, human resources, organizational management, and communication and community relations.


Please e-mail your input before November 15, 2021 to [email protected]  or mail to:


Adam McGeehan

Suite 1114

Gatehouse Administration Center

8115 Gatehouse Road

Falls Church, VA   22042-1203