City of Fairfax Historic Blenheim Hosts Free STEM Event for Students Saturday, August 28

When COVID-19 shut the doors to the public, the staff at Historic Blenheim was able to
continue work on a National Park Service grant with the National Center for Preservation,
Technology, and Training. Students can come learn how the use of narrowband (multi-spectral) imaging has been tested in the historic house. How can this non-invasive technology help conservators analyze and treat the walls? Has it helped scholars decipher more writings and drawings on these historic plaster walls that contain more than 125 Civil War soldier signatures along with drawings and musings?
What will be happening?
  • There will be 8, 15-minute time slots with a maximum number of 8 people in each
    group to visit in the Historic Blenheim house with Mike Toth of R.B. Toth
    Associates LLC (, an international leader in the use of advanced imaging
    solutions for cultural heritage studies.
  • Visit the Civil War Interpretive Center to work with Historic Blenheim Staff to view and
    try to decipher some of the multi-spectral images. There will also be an option to try
    your hand to decipher images at home.
  • Visit the Gallery to learn more about the site and a replica of the attic walls covered with
    soldier graffiti.
  • If students want to learn about other STEM jobs related to the Historic Blenheim site take a
    Scavenger Hunt to find features and information around the property (phone needed.)
The day concludes with a 2:00 p.m. outdoor concert of 19th brass band music from the 8th Green Machine Regiment Band.
Reservations needed. Call 703-591-6728.