City of Fairfax Parks and Recreation Department Presents Updates to the City of Fairfax School Board

When Fairfax County Public Schools announced students would not be returning to the school buildings in the fall, the City of Fairfax looked to  the Parks and Rec department to create a program to support city school families with child care needs because of their long experience providing summer programming for students of all ages. The department created “Connected Care” in just a few short weeks, a five-day child care program to support students going to school virtually, but still needing supervision and care so their parents can work. The program supports 50 students and through FCPS provides breakfast and lunch which is delivered in the mornings. Students are required to wear masks and social distance and are separated by age and grade. Cost for Connected Care is based on a sliding scale of family income. 


In addition to Connected Care, the City of Fairfax Parks and Recreation Department sponsors the annual Holiday Giving Tree program. Through donations from the community, the department provides wrapped gifts and grocery gift cards to City of Fairfax school families. This year, they provided 2000 gifts and $5400 in gift cards to over 87 families. 


Parks and Recreation is currently underway its planning of their popular summer programs. In the past, the catalogs would have been printed and distributed and registration would have begun by now, but with the uncertainty of COVID, the department are putting efforts on hold until they have more information on how children will be able to gather and what buildings will be open. 


Chairman of the City School Board, Carolyn Pitches was impressed with the work the Parks and Recreation Department has done. “It always amazes me how much you and your group supports our city schools community,” said Pitches. “We are so thankful to be part of such a wonderful city and and grateful for your hard work.”