City of Fairfax Teachers Earn, Renew National Board for Professional Teacher Standard

Faiza Alam, a science and learning disabilities teacher at Lanier Middle School, feels the National Board for Professional Teaching Standard (NBPTS) is the “ultimate professional development that one can pursue.”  NBPTS is a program focused on five key areas: commitment to students, student learning, subject area knowledge, experience and being part of a learning community.

“This professional journey has allowed me to reflect on my instructional practice, critique myself with my own third eye, and impact student learning beyond my classroom,” said Alam.

The rigorous and challenging process is designed for teacher research, reflection and assessment in every area of their teaching career. Alam recently renewed her certification and agrees while it is a challenge, it is worth it. “NBCT teachers are so passionate about their profession and are innately eager to take leadership roles to impact student learning. It’s an ultimate feather in an educator’s cap to be a National Board Certified teacher.”

Teachers at the four City of Fairfax Schools receive tuition reimbursement for registration fees. The City has assisted over 25 teachers in the pyramid to earn or renew their NBCT. In addition, NBCT teachers earn a yearly stipend from the Virginia Department of Education – up to $5000 the first year and $2500 for each following year of certification.