Fairfax High School Welcomes Limited Students Back To School

Fairfax High School (FHS) and Fairfax Academy for Communications and the Arts is cautiously and carefully welcoming students back into their building. 
In late October, selected classes such as special education, English language learners, photography and musical theatre were selected to begin to bring students into the classrooms. The students are socially distanced from each other and both students and teachers wear masks all day. In addition, there are temperature checks and extra cleaning procedures are utilized throughout the day. 
"It was so exciting seeing our students safely return to the building in order to work in our lab spaces," said Academy administrator Andrea Cook. "Our staff has gone above and beyond to make this opportunity available for our students!”
This week FHS opened 13 additional class rooms with 38 in person class periods and 21 different courses in a pilot program for Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). The pilot program is designed to help FCPS establish protocols for the expected county-wide return to school efforts in January. 
"It is great seeing a safe return back to school," said Dr. Erin Lenart, principal of FHS. "I am thankful to our hardworking staff who have truly gone the extra mile to make this possible."
The students were welcomed to chalk painted signs done by the FHS Leadership class showing their support and encouragement. 
This week the City of Fairfax School Board heard from FCPS Region 5 Assistant Superintendent Rebecca Baenig for a Return to School update at the regular school board meeting on Monday, November 2nd. This follows Assistant Superintendent for Facilities and Transportation Jeff Platenberg's presentation in October where he discussed facility updates and cleaning protocols for schools who are brining kids back into the building. 
Chairman Carolyn Pitches thanked both Platenberg and Baenig for their updates. On Monday, Chairman Pitches stated, "Thank you for your presentation to the board. We feel this gives us more clarity and will help our constituents have better understanding of what is going on inside all of our school buildings."