2020 Election Sticker Contest Winners Announced

The City of Fairfax invited all school-aged students in the city to design the "I Voted" and "Future Voter" stickers to be used in the November presidential election. Nathan Ferns, Fairfax, designed the winning “I Voted” sticker, and Sager Clementine Worshek, Fairfax, designed the winning “Future Voter” sticker.

The 2020 Election Sticker Contest ran February 21, 2020 through May 15, 2020.  During that time period, Fairfax City K-12 students were encouraged to enter. The entry pool was diverse and included entries from all ages and from public and private schools.  

“The entries were all thoughtful,” said Megan DuBois, Cultural Arts manager. “I was really impressed how the students took the guidelines given to them and created their own masterpiece. Each sticker had to include the words “I Voted” or “Future Voter” and “City of Fairfax,” otherwise they had the freedom to do what they wanted. I was glad I did not have to choose a favorite because I loved them all.” 

The entries were evaluated by members of the City of Fairfax Commission on the Arts, Election Board, and City of Fairfax School Board.  The entries were evaluated based on creativity and adherence to the design requirements.  The judges chose the top two for “I Voted” and top three for “Future Voter” sticker categories to go on to the public voting phase. The public voting period began July 4, 2020, and ended August 1, 2020. Finalists were encouraged to tell family and friends about the contest and ask them to participate in voting. Members of the general public voted for the sticker(s) of their choice from among the finalists.

The winning artwork for the “I Voted” sticker contest will be used the City of Fairfax Office of Elections as the official sticker for the November 3, 2020, presidential election. The winning artwork for the “Future Voter” sticker contest will be distributed by the City of Fairfax Office of Elections to minors during the 2020 election and subsequent elections.   


I voted sticker design

Nathan Ferns is a junior at Robinson High School. His winning design for the “I Voted” sticker features the city’s Old Town Square.  “I am very excited to have won the sticker contest, and am happy to see my design on the stickers,” said Ferns.



Future voter sticker design

Sager Clementine Worshek is a freshman at Fairfax High School.  Her “Future Voter” sticker uses the traditional stars, stripes, and red, white, and blue color scheme to create a dynamic energetic design fitting for the city’s future electorate.

There will be a presentation of the winning stickers at the October 13 City Council meeting.

For more information, contact Cultural Arts Manager Megan DuBois at 703- 273-6097 or send email to megan.dubois@fairfaxva.gov.