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Frequently Asked Questions During COVID 19

If you are unfamiliar with our relationship with Fairfax County Schools, please see the information about our School Services Agreement here. If you need answers from FCPS, please check their website for COVID19 questions. You can also check the City of Fairfax's page for FAQs about our schools and our community (see City Schools). 


For FCPS Q&A for return to school, please visit their website

1. When will the school buildings and grounds be open for community use?

Outdoor fields, tennis courts and the track on our school grounds are open to the public for non-permitted use. We encourage our community to enjoy our school grounds for exercise as the weather warms. Playgrounds and indoor use are still prohibited. Please continue to use distancing and do not congregate in groups over 10. We ask our friends and neighbors not to use the school playgrounds while our facilities are closed to keep our community safe.

2. I need help and would like to get meals from FCPS. Where are the distribution locations?

Fairfax County Public Schools is providing meals for students and their families. Through the City of Fairfax’s advocacy, FCPS is now providing meals from Providence ES and Daniels Run ES. Meals are available at various locations throughout the City of Fairfax.

  • Providence Elementary School is one of the sites for both breakfast and lunch. Meals are served between 10:00-1:00 (you can get both at the same time) Monday - Friday as curbside pickup. Meals are free for students and $2 for adults.
  • Daniels Run ES is considered a "pop up" location and meals will be available from 9:15-9:45. Meals are free for students and $2 for adults.
  • FCPS Bus Route 4 also provides meals at selected stops throughout Fairfax. Please see the FCPS website for the specific times and stops. 

The City of Fairfax CUE bus is providing free rides to and from Providence ES and Daniels Run ES. Please see here for stops and schedules. 

3. How can I help others in my community that need it?

There are many groups in our area helping students and families - please check our website for a current list. 


4. Why were there so many problems with Distance Learning? What did the City School Board do about these issues?

We share in the community’s frustration with the initial challenges with Distance Learning. Our School Board Chairman shared our disappointment with our colleagues at FCPS throughout the  the school closures. In addition, our City School staff was in daily conversations with FCPS in regards to the many issues facing online learning. We recommend all our constituents watch FCPS Superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand's Q&A with the Fairfax County Council of PTAs. This 50 minute video is full of information about the problems with Distance Learning and how FCPS made some changes.

5. Where can I find resources to enrich my students while we are home?

Check our Twitter page (@FairfaxSchools) and look for the hashtag #FairfaxFamilyHelp. For over a month we posted 3-5 resources per day including links to educational sites, lists of books or educational television shows and virtual lessons.

6. When is the next City School Board meeting?

The School Board held a virtual work session on Monday, September 14 at 7:30 PM. Community members are encouraged to watch the meeting online

7. How can I get in touch with School Board Members or Staff?


SchoolBoard@FairfaxVa.gov - this email will email all School Board members

CitySchools@FairfaxVa.gov - this email will email all City School staff. 


For individual phone numbers and emails, please see our website contact page. 


8. What are the plans for the fall?
On July 21, 2020 FCPS Superintendent recommended all FCPS schools begin with four day, 100% virtual due to the rising number of cases in the area and many challenges of staffing and scheduling with the two options presented earlier in the summer. 
The school year will begin on Tuesday, September 8. Schedules will be sent by the schools in August. 


9. What if I am having an issue with my student’s class or schedule?

We encourage parents to follow the traditional chain of contact if there is a question about a class or scheduling as you would during a regular school year. Please contact your student’s teacher first. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact the principal. If you still do not feel you have the information you need, you can contact Fairfax County Public Schools Region 5 or the City of Fairfax Schools.


Do you have a question that wasn’t answered? Send a note to CitySchools@FairfaxVa.gov and we will answer it for you!


Please go to the Fairfax County Public Schools FAQ website for detailed information.