Class Connection

March: Lanier MS Ms. Bradley's 8th Graders 
We are excited to return to Class Connections with Ms. Bradley's 8th grade English class. These students are in the middle - not kids, not adults. They are tall, cautious with a sense of humor. Like most of our classes, they did not agree on much. They had a wide variety of favorite foods - from sushi to tamales to french fries to pho. Some liked to read - everything from Divergent to Paper Towns to Fahrenheit 451. They did have some good suggestions for updates to the school. Most popular was a nap room and coming in a close second is a food court. We were most impressed with their answers to "If I had a million dollars...". Almost all would buy something for their families or a new house. A lot of kids would donate to charities. many would save for college - and one would buy a dog. 
December: Daniels Run ES Ms. Gaskill’s Kindergarteners

Ms. Gaskill’s class

We celebrate December with some of our youngest family members – Daniels Run Elementary School’s Ms. Gaskill’s kindergarten class. These little learners are compassionate, curious and creative. Similar to our 5th grade friends, kindergartners thought “listening” was one of the hardest things to do as a kid. They enjoyed playing outside, spending time with their friends and thought the best part of school was recess.  We even got a peek at what they do to release some energy – hint: it required some funky moves. Check out our social media pages to see the video.

November: Providence ES Ms. Kleiman’s 5th graders


1We are excited to profile Ms. Kleiman’s 5th graders! They are a group of smart, funny, energetic

kids. There was not a lot of agreement – on anything. Each student with their own ideas and opinions (as it should be). Some favorites did come through, however.

Favorite food: Pizza was first, but some sophisticated palates who enjoy lobster, boba tea and yucca.

Favorite book: Raina Telgemeier’s new book “Guts” is a hit, also on the list “Dog Man”, “Amulet” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series.

Favorite TV show: Still some cartoon favorites including “Spongebob” and “The Amazing World of Gumball”, but lots of variety here including “Flash”and “Holiday Baking Championship”.

Favorite holiday: Christmas led the way, followed by Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

The kids loved a variety of sports including soccer, dance, football, baseball, and basketball.

Perhaps the only thing our group could agree on is when asked “What are you thankful for” – overwhelmingly leading answers were family, friends, teachers and animals (mainly dogs).

The most fun was when we talked about the school facilities and what they would do if they were in charge of the school building. Students suggested a pool for dolphins, water fountains that only had grape soda, a real football field, trampolines and virtual reality rooms with lots of video games.

To no parent or teacher surprise – when asked what the hardest thing about being a 5th grader is – a majority of the students said “listening”. Some didn’t like being in school “all day” and there was a resounding no towards “homework”.